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Meet the editors:

Marc Louis-Boyard

Marc Louis-Boyard created Slow Culture in October 2016. After working for various agencies as copywriter and project manager, Marc works now for a startup located in the North of France. 

Marc’s greatest interests are literature and music.

E-mail // LinkedIn // Why I Write.

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Aurélie Lemaire portrait

Aurélie Lemaire

Aurélie Lemaire is journalist and joined Slow Culture in 2018. She’s also the founder of travel blog 3 raisons pour.

Aurélie’s greatest interest are travels, visual arts and occult sciences.

Email // LinkedIn // Why I Write.

About our work:

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Typical owl after reading an average of five articles in a row.

Cool stuff off the beaten track.

– Alexander Dickow,  author of Appetites and associate professor at Virginia Tech, VA, USA.

Eclectic, interesting, adventurous.

– Robert Peett, owner of Holland House Books and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Friends and partnerships:

These references do not form a comprehensive list of our past and present works. As always, more are in the making!

Dostoyevsky Wannabe

Indie press located in Manchester, UK.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe logo

Clandestine Label Services

Label services from Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Clandestine label services logo

Holland House Books

Indie press located in Berkshire, UK.

Holland House Logo

  • Find Helen E. Mundler’s Why I Write here!
  • Emma Darwin’s Why I Write coming soon.

Human Sounds Records

Record label located in Atlanta, GA, USA.Human Sounds Records logo

The Novella Project

Publishing project initiated by Holland House, UK.

The Novella Project logo

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The iconic museum located in NYC, NY, USA.  Guggenheim Museum logo

Lille 3000 x Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille

Museum located in Lille, France.Lille 3000 x Palais des beaux arts Lille logo

Influx Press

Indie press located in London, UK. Influx Press logo

  • Book review of Gareth E. Rees’ “Car Park Life” here.
  • Book review of Annabel Banks’ “Exercises in Control” coming soon.

Notting Hill Editions

Indie press located in Devon, UK.

Notting Hill Editions logo

Book review of “What Time Is It?” (John Berger, Selcuk Demirel and Maria Nadotti) coming soon!

The Emma Press

Indie press located in Birmingham, UK.

The Emma Press - logo

This Week in Arts Vol.3 coming soon!