Brian Wilson Tuesday Museday Marc Louis-Boyard

Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) – TUESDAY MUSEDAY

Brian Wilson is the band leader of The Beach Boys, the renowned surf music band who peaked in the mid-sixties. We focus today on Brian’s genius (even though he several times made clear that this affirmation made no sense) during his psychedelic period, judged by numerous to be one of the most interesting in modern music history.

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Elias Attea – WHY I WRITE VOL.5

Elias Attea was born under New York New Moon on one of the coldest times of Buffalo’s history, or so  the legend goes.  While a yankee in heart, Attea crawled six-hundred miles as a baby to arrive and endure Tennessee’s hot, humid southern sunshine.  While proud to be a Tennessee kid, Attea now resides in a quiet farm house in Western New York, shoveling snow, shit, and soil whist working on his practice as a spiritualist and writer (and paying the bills, somehow).

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