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Cold Bath Street, Return To Earth.

Already available.


Cold Bath Street Band are improvisers based at UCLan Preston. Music develops from small phrases or instructions which are used as material to build in response to or develop around.

Find Cold Bath Street on Facebook and Bandcamp.

“The Return To Earth CD comes in a 4 panel digipak constructed of recycled eco-friendly card and featuring another standout design detailing some of the themes of the album, people coming together, leaving the digital world behind and taking a closer look at the current challenges we face on this planet we live on.”



Musicians: Maddi Rolinson-Lord, Josh Bennett, Javon Aziz, Sam Bowen-Wild, Con Daniels, Chris Graves, Holly Hughes, Bench and Simon Partridge

Guests: Sam O’Brien and Amy Rome. Birdsong recorded by Colin Robinson.

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TUESDAY MUSEDAY – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Almost thirty years after his death in a helicopter accident, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s legacy seems untouched. SRV’s music keeps on inspiring and motivating young and advanced guitar players on their journey to soulful music playing and mastery. But that’s not all. As John Mayer rightfully expressed while introducing the Dallas-born...

Presentation and interview of The Novella Project

ITW #11 – The Novella Project (Holland House Books)

The Novella Project (tutored by Holland House Books and supported by Arts Council England) is the ambitious reunion of two teams, each working on two books published each year. Each party (including the author) comes from under-represented minorities and/or working class backgrounds. The main goal of The Novella Project is to...

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WHY I WRITE VOL.14 – silvi alcivar (the poetry store)

my poems emerge from the dark of you meeting i. then there is something more than light. there is life. BIO: as poet and owner of the poetry store, silvi alcivar writes and sells custom poetry on-demand and as art. to date, she’s worked in places as small as someone’s...

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ALBUM REVIEW #12 – Dani Laundry, Every Conscious Hour (out on Dec 13)

For the past six years, Dani Laundry has released around a hundred tracks. The prolific artist from NYC was not on our radar until Full Body member Cassidy Rose Hammond posted about Every Conscious Hour, out on December 13, so thanks to her! We firmly believe that something magical can...

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BIO: Helen E. Mundler is an academic and novelist. She has published two novels, Homesickness (Dewi Lewis, 2003) and L’Anglaise (Holland House, 2018), as well as several short stories. At present she is revising a third novel, entitled Three Days by the Sea. This is a family-based story full of...

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WHERE TO BEGIN WITH… John Coltrane (jazz)

Fact: the jazz world is essentially difficult to read. John Coltrane has been one of the first jazzmen to introduce us to this major movement of music. Did you know that jazz is the oldest form of music that is still active and evolving? You should. Worry not: you will...

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WHERE TO BEGIN WITH… Dostoyevsky Wannabe (indie press)

Slow Culture just turned 3, and we’re back to basics. Since Frank Zappa and Miles Davis have their own guides, it’s due time for Dostoyevsky Wannabe to have theirs. Are we exaggerating? Certainly not. Dostoyevsky Wannabe helped us falling in love with literature again, and are not likely to leave our seasonal and massive book...

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TUESDAY MUSEDAY – William Eggleston (photographer)

« Aurélie? That’s odd for a name. That’s cute. » These are Eggleston’s words, thrown at me with a mischievous look on the occasion of a Spring afternoon of 2006, the day of a press conference held in Dunkirk for his « Spirit of Dunkerque » exhibition. Truth is, there...



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Brian Wilson Tuesday Museday Marc Louis-Boyard


Brian Wilson is the band leader of The Beach Boys, the renowned surf music band who peaked in the mid-sixties. We focus today on Brian’s genius (even though he several times made clear that this affirmation made no sense) during his psychedelic period, judged by numerous to be one of...

Portrait Aurélie Lemaire

WHY I WRITE VOL.12 – Aurélie Lemaire

Aurélie Lemaire started off as a cultural mediator in the arts industry. Since her childhood, she’s been maintaining a relationship with words that became crucial and more and more vivid as years went by. Words seems to be following her. Or… Would she be chasing them all around the world...

ITW #6 – Joanna Kulesza

We couldn’t spend Labor Day without highlighting the stunning work of Joanna Kulesza, our new favorite American photographer. Darby Mae met her, and we know that you’re dying to learn about this charming and summit meeting.