Bill Cunningham Photographer Fashion Show

TUESDAY MUSEDAY – Bill Cunningham

Before fashion influencers became (too?) important in this world was Bill Cunningham (1929 – 2016). For almost a whole century, he’s been photographing the who’s who and the everyday man and woman on the street. Five quotes that shaped his life, and should shape yours too, brought to you by Slow Culture.

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Yayoï Kusama Polka Dots Slow Culture EU Darby Mae


“The Priestess of Polka Dots”, a.k.a. Yayoï Kusama, is an avant-garde artist and writer of Japanese descent. After moving to New York in 1957, (with an extra push from Georgia O’Keefe), her artwork went from 2D to… infinity. While painting still remains one of Kusama’s daily artistic mediums, her forte lies in installation and sculpture. Melding aspects of her psychological past and present, with attributes of feminine, minimal, surreal, and abstract expressionist art, it is anirrefutable understatement to call Yayoï Kusama a pioneer of conceptual artistic expression – but I’ll let you decide. Today, we’re going to explore Yayoï Kusama’s obsessions with repetition and infinity – and why these obsessions have become mine, too.

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