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Prima (for Unplugged, Vol. 1) – ITW #19

Manchester-based musician Prima reinforces the city’s reputation in the field of creativity with talent and spontaneity. Her Unplugged, Vol. 1 (Live) was released at the end of 2019, but the need for such brilliant art never dies.

Skillfully oscillating between vibrating solo releases and notorious collaborations, we had many questions for Prima. She answered our interrogations with her sparkling spirit, always directed towards the future with a benevolent wink to the past.

Welcome to Prima’s colorful world, one note at a time.

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Our interview with Prima:

How did the idea of the Unplugged series occur to you? Did you want to discover a new part of your music by arranging it, or did you want to reveal this pre existing part?

Prima: I love taking my favourite covers and seeing how they translate to the keys and it’s something I do a lot for my Instagram live. After putting out ‘The Butterfly Effect, Vol.3 – Butterfly‘ a fellow creative called James Kileen (KillWithUs productions) got in touch and suggested filming some songs from the project LIVE in an “unplugged” style. His passion and energy was a big driving force into making this unplugged project happen. Musically it was fun to see if going from the production (by JSD) to just keys would work. Taking the luscious jazz synth chords and bass lines that are embedded within the trappy beats and pulling them out made me fall in love with the songs all over again. I found it really brought out the emotion of the songs and the meaning of the lyrics. Stripping them back like this took the songs to another place again.


Going unplugged has been seen and marketed as a risk through the decades. Did you find the idea risky, or was it a comfortable option considering your skills?

To be honest I didn’t even consider this being a risky thing to do. I just do what feels right and if the music feels good then I’ll let it do the talking rather than worry about statistics and how it’s received. It’s up to the fans to choose whether they like the music but ultimately that love has to start from me first and I loved the idea of stripping these songs back.

As a classically trained musician, did you find it natural to move towards electronic music? Tell us about this transition?

Being classically trained was a great foundation and a big part of my musical journey but I was always drawn to R&B and writing my own music. When I met my producer JSD everything started to slot into place and through this collaboration we found my sound. It was a very natural move for me.

Prima - portrait by George Creates
Courtesy of George Creates

Prolificacy is what qualifies best your experience as a vocalist. Do you prefer collaborations to solo efforts?

I LOVE collaboration. Especially when you find that special musical chemistry with the right producer/musician. I find that being challenged has always helped me to grow and evolve quickly as an artist and I’ve been fortunate to work with not only a lyrical master but JSD’s vast knowledge of musical genres opened up my musical awareness to a higher level and elevated my songwriting. Through collaboration with the right people I believe you can find in yourself something even deeper and special. I love writing a song on my own too don’t get me wrong, but when you can share that and elevate it, it makes the whole process more exciting for me.

What are your plans in these times of lockdown? And what’s next for the future?

I’ve been writing new music and I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar so I’ve picked that up and I’m just about getting to grips with it! Me and my producer have been planning the release of my next song “100” which will be out on 8th May! Excited for this one. The video is premiering on Earmilk on 20th so watch out for that too. Right now I’m enjoying time with my family, reconnecting with myself, doing yoga and making music. We have to look after ourselves and our loved ones around us right now so I’m concentrating on doing that. Keep safe and well 🙂

Prima, Unplugged, Vol. 1 (Live)


Mixed & Mastered by JSD

Prima Covert art for 100

Prima, 100

Available on May 8th.

Music video to be released on May 20th.

About Prima

Prima is a singer/songwriter from Manchester UK, who’s classically trained background has her steeped in musical heritage from an early age. Her powerful and soulful vocals sore on top of trap/soul bangers effortlessly, creating a unique and spectacular blend of light and dark.

Source: Facebook

Portrait of Prima by @carlywilford
Portrait of Prima by @carlywilford

Written by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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