Nick Dorian & Shibo - My Friend Dorian album review

Nick Dorian & Shibo, My Friend Dorian – ALBUM REVIEW #14

Nick Dorian & Shibo join Jennah Barry on the list of the most moving albums we’ve listened to this last month. You get it: we loved it.

Based in Los Angeles, Nick Dorian delivers here an album that couldn’t be more coherent with the current zeitgeist. My Friend Dorian is the perfect starter kit for that friend who lost touch with music in general but wants to get back at it without browsing hours of videos on YouTube. Yup, we’ve all been in need of a reliable update.

Following that idea, My Friend Dorian proposes an inspired digest of the era, without any copycatting of any kind. This collaboration has the rare value of combining déjà-vu and genuine freshness.

Nick Dorian & Shibo, My Friend Dorian: our review

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Kumbaya taught us at least once thing on the future of marketing: beauty influencers refusing to add this song in their 2020 morning routine cannot be taken seriously anymore

This opening is a colorful anthem that can also be prescribed by your general practitioner as a powerful remedy against chronic loneliness.

Portrait of Nick Dorian 2

On The Low

Thundercat meets John Mayerthis is how On The Low can be roughly described. The song is enriched by R&B motifs supported by an unadorned, effective drum pattern. Quincy Jones influence, anyone? 


walkaway is an impeccable demonstration of the extent of Nick’s vocal abilities. Sometimes flirting with falsetto, the vocal track will easily remind Prince’s Parade era to the nostalgic listener.

This track is a space where mastery and cool coexist quite brilliantly. Effortlessly cool, as we sometimes say.


ifeelbadforu will especially please our readers who enjoyed A Band Called Flash’s Vampire. Another well executed Prince hommage? Let yourself be judge. And dance. Dance a lot.

Portrait of Nick Dorian

How It Feels

Too many albums and EPs end with space fillers. This is absolutely not the case here. How It Feels is our favorite by far. Just the way any good lover does, How It Feels gives the listener an erotic sense of longing

This song is intense, subtle, enchanting. Just like this whole album is. Just like life should be.

Nick Dorian - My Friend Dorian album cover

Nick Dorian & Shibo, My Friend Dorian, already available.

Written by  Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture

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