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Dani Laundry, Every Conscious Hour (out on Dec 13) – ALBUM REVIEW #12

For the past six years, Dani Laundry has released around a hundred tracks. The prolific artist from NYC was not on our radar until Full Body member Cassidy Rose Hammond posted about Every Conscious Hour, out on December 13, so thanks to her!

We firmly believe that something magical can always happen. Theory proven with Every Conscious Hour.

We pressed play (otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to listen to the music, y’know) and discovered nine stellar tracks. Time to share.

House is House

Every Conscious Hour falls under the dream pop category (just as our friends of Lunar Vacation and JMY do). We found that the very essence of this album is house music and we loved this surprise. That being said, do not expect wild and loud drum machines, romantic Fender Rhodes, or repetitive sampled vocals.

You can expect so much more. What you can expect in terms of music is the influence of Kerri Chandler (Hope/Wait –listen below-, The Ribbon). What you can expect in terms of vocal abilities is a Judy Albanese or a Lady Lin in formation (Definivinity, Teen Psychic, The Ribbon).

If you’re searching for dream pop in its traditional sense, Every Conscious Hour includes tracks like Dreema (single and video coming out on the 3rd of December, but teased right now on our Instagram). Dreema should be the closest to what you’re looking for.

Flow baby flow

Thanks to its crafted production, Every Conscious Hour has the power of being an album that you can truly enjoy without being constantly focused on it. A delight for the overbooked creative.

psychedelic sky gif

Accurate visualization of your brain on Every Conscious Hour.


The songs of the album just flow naturally. No annoying exaggeration or pose in here. This sense of sincerity is especially reinforced by honest and moving lyrics. Most of the lyrics (The Ribbon, Vivipary, Dreema) are on par with early and renowned 2000s R&B tracks. Listen to our guilty pleasures in the field here and here.

Dani Laundry Portrait for Slow Culture

Dani Laundry,
Every Conscious Hour
(out on Dec 13).

written/produced/mixed by dani
mastered by katherine graci

written between march – september 2019
except What Isolation Means To Me
and Dreema (both written Summer 2013)

Find Every Conscious Hour and Dani Laundry’s other albums on her Bandcamp.

Written by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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