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Cat Casual & The Final Word, The Secret Self – ALBUM REVIEW #10

BIO: An Okie by birth, William Benton (aka Cat Casual) spent many years making music in Louisville, Kentucky writing and performing with bands such as Bodyhammer, Tyrone, Lucky Pineapple, and The Phantom Family Halo.

Also, on his Facebook page, Benton claims to have attracted the favors of Tony Clifton as artistic director. We cannot not like that.

tony clifton eating spaghetti
Tony Clifton casually eating spaghetti

The Secret Self is out on Nov. 22 via sonaBLAST! and we can testify that this album has been (sound) designed for all major uses of modern life. Such uses include: making pizza, drinking wine and daydreaming at work.

Cat Casual & The Final Word, The Secret Self: our track-per-track review

adams family black is such a happy color

Introduction (A Kafka Kiss)

The introduction to The Secret Self sets the scenery of the whole album. A lo-fi loop for a sinister melody, welcome to the ball.

Deconstruct, Son

Desert rock enhanced by its most recognizable traits, but also the most enjoyable ones. Despite not being overly surprising, Deconstruct, Son is heavy and do not things by halves. Fender Rhodes enthusiasts will love the feel the instrument adds, far from the usual and tiresome easy way out.


Asphalt seems to prolong Deconstruct, Son and is THE dancing song of the album. The nostalgic admirers of Franz Ferdinand, Late of the Pier or Billy Talent will appreciate.

Alone, Too

Alone, Too is the song with the darkest vibe of the record, but one can’t stay insensible to the rich and catchy arpeggios throughout the song. This guitar work adds some respiration and drives the whole song beautifully.

Black Sun

Black Sun is not an easy lover, and might not seduce you at first sight. Remember when your mom used to repeat “Good things come to those who wait”? Take your time with Black Sun. Let the desire grow. The first half might seem uneventful, but is yet chic before leaving room to a controlled and awaited explosion.

Cat Casual Secret Self Promo Slow Culture Matthew Roos
Courtesy of Matthew Roos

Enter Mission

Valuable behind the scenes break of a few seconds. Just as visual as Introduction (A Kafka Kiss)​. Smell the smoke and feel the heat of the basement before further enjoyment.

Morose Code

A synth-infused ballad flirting with some of MGMT‘s best productions. Contemplative. A real success.

Cat Casual Secret Self Promo Slow Culture Edward Neary
Courtesy of Edward Neary

Glorious Life

Our favorite treat on The Secret Self. Glorious Life is straight-forward and charmingly deep at the same time. The entering riff is memorable, and the synthetizer intertwining with the end of the guitar solo is white magic. No second off for Glorious Life.

Honorarium (featuring Johnny Dowd)

A spoken word piece. Inviting. Haunting. Humanizing.


Not telling you how the movie ends. Patience is mother of all virtues.

Cat Casual Secret Self Cover Art

Cat Casual & the Final Word, The Secret Self.

William Benton (Cat Casual) – guitars, vocals, samples, loops, percussion, etc.
Rob Ross – Moog synthesizers
Sean Gardner – bass
Michael Grady – drums, percussion, piano, Fender Rhodes
Johnny Dowd – guest vocals on Floorhand

All songs written by Cat Casual.

Out Nov. 22, pre-order here !

November 7 – Gutter Bowl (Brooklyn, NY)
November 8 – True Vine Records (Baltimore, MD)
November 15 – Monnik Beer Co (Louisville, KY)

Written by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture

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