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Béret, Jesus White (Born Yesterday Records) – ALBUM REVIEW #9

We sat with Béret a few weeks ago (interview and bio here) and now it’s your turn to sit tight.

Jesus White (Born Yesterday Records) is out Oct 18 and if the three singles available for now (White Hole, Book of Hera and Fade Out The World) already conquered us, the whole album has been following us on our merry journeys for ore than a month now. And you know how much we reject boredom.

 Here are our track-per-track feelings.

Beauty in Perversion

From the first hit of the organ-like note, you quickly understand that you are entering a temple of sounds. This introduction is hypnotizing. A choir for the soul, going in circles. 

White Hole

White Hole exposes for sure the most powerful lyrics of the album. The whole song is heavily influenced by Sonic Youth’s Eric’s Trip or Hey Joni. If we’re talking about talent transmission, Lee Ranaldo must be proud.

How Many People

Simple structure for strong enchantment and deep visual stimulation. How Many People is LSD on LSD, minus the bad trip possibilities.


Special mention to the powerful melody deployed by Béret’s highly distorted voice. Solace feels like blissful numbness, ending in a dissonant apotheosis.

Book of Hera

Peaceful. Calm. A great contrast with what Béret delivered on his other albums Emmenagogue Hotel (Selfish Place of Pain) and Popularized Architectural Movement ,supported by a moving bass line. An enjoyable and surprising break at first.


Relapse is elegant. Sophisticated. If you have ever faced the ocean, Relapse will make you remember the days where the immensity of the water gave you a sensation of pure freedom. Relapse has the most stunning guitar work of the album, and the best production. A great place to lose sense of self.

Fade Out The World

Fade Out The World is our favorite track on Jesus White. Crystal clear but yet deep. Moving but yet contemplative. Do yourself a favor and press play. Then, press play again. 

Don’t get fooled by the apparent simplicity of the song: even a hundred plays won’t reveal all the jewels buried in there. We’re still searching. Searching, and loving.

Time Like Fluid

White Hole delivers the best lyrics, Time Like Fluid delivers the best singing. Different shades for a still moment. Time Like Fluid is sweet and overwhelming, just as we like it. Just as you will.

World Revolves Around Me

Curious choice for a conclusion, but World Revolves Around Me will give you a nice feel of end credits, without denaturing all the dimensions you visited the tracks before.



For a unique opportunity to tell your descendants that you were there, order this gem below.

“Jesus White”, available Oct 18 (LP/digital) here.

Written by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture

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