Rich week for this first edition, don’t miss out! From Paris to LA to Toronto, here is what mattered to us these last days.


Dyson Stringer Cloher’s self titled debut album is out through Milk! Records this October. With Dyson based in L.A and Stringer in Toronto, the band chose to meet halfway to make a record at Jeff Tweedy’s ‘The Loft’ in Chicago. The results are what you might expect – inspired guitar playing and exceptional songwriting – warm, heartfelt and real.

Guerilla Toss’ “Plants” is a disco-post-punk-prog epic about the perceived psychosis of the fictional protagonist, Lara. Based off the books, What A Plant Knows and The Hidden Life Of Trees, the song combats the anti-spiritual western notion that plants are devoid of all communication, when, in fact, there is an entire language of which we are “blissfully unaware.” The track also explores the old-fashioned idea of a woman being crazy, when, in reality, she simply isn’t being heard.

Get ready: this Fall, Béret might sneak in your playlist and never leave again. Seattle-based musician and record engineer Ian Kurtis Crist is back after two albums, often referred to as abrasive and atmospheric. Interview and full album preview coming VERY SOON. Three Rs to keep in mind and sustain your curiosity: Radiohead, Ranaldo, Reed.


All things Dostoyevsky Wannabe for this literary season:

From historical reenactors to water bed owners to professional mermaids, Claire Hopple's stories show eccentric characters grappling with the postmodern American landscape and how it affects personal identity.
Beach Sloth is best known as Beach Sloth, and that is a major reason to discover this book.
Written over roughly the space of a year The Wood Pigeons began as a 365 word story. The 261 chapters here represent the removal of words at a rate of roughly one per day. Part Droste effect the result is a narrative that is highly recursive yet just as varied too, leading finally and inevitably to nothing.

Visual arts and exhibitions

We’ll be soon heading to New York with 3 raisons pour and chances are, our invasive, harassing and repetitive Instagram Stories will tell you about this Guggenheim exhibition. Take a chance here or here.

The annual European Heritage Days are coming the third week-end of September and you should visit the prestigious Hôtel Molitor. Architecture, street art, live music are on the menu, so how are you not on your way to Paris already? Click on the picture fr more details.

Written by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture. C/Cs might have occured in case of intense laziness, so, people in charge of writing quality press releases, thank you.

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