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girl in red, chapter 1 (Marie Ulven) – ALBUM REVIEW #8

How come did you not hear about girl in red until this moment? Marie Ulven is 20 years old and holds her Fender Mustang like a bow since she started the project back in 2017. The arrow? Straight to your heart. Whoosh.

Our review of girl in red’s chapter 1 :

i wanna be your girlfriend

The catchiest song of the EP naturally opens the festivities. Slowly and logically growing in intensity, i wanna be your girlfriend sounds like a timelapse. A run for love, a run for authenticity. A run for life.

say anything

This song keeps the rapid pace installed by a i wanna be your girlfriend. If music were colors (wait, is it not?), say anything would be a warm red. The aerial bass gives the song a feeling of recklessness with which it is pleasant to fly.

summer depression

Summer sucks. Everything else too. Obviously. No further explanations needed. If you like Metronomy (just like 3 raisons pour does), this song should conquer you.


Our favorite. 4am brings back our best memories of Real Estate, Wavves, Sunflower Bean and Best Coast. 4am is agreeably numbing and vivifying at the same time.


girls and its higher level of production is the perfect best friend: whenever you need hope, appeasement, or just a few reviving bars, press play. If you feel overwhelmed, girls is the friendly hand getting your head out of the water.

Voilà. Merci Marie.

The band:

Martin Andersen Dybdal – guitar

Bror Henrik Smith Brorson – guitar

Sigurd Berg Svela – bass

Erlend Hisdal – drums

Visit Marie Ulven’s website and get her chapter 1 on Human Sounds Records’ Bandcamp page. Other recordings available on her own Bandcamp page.

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Written by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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