ggpeach, Good Comes in Threes – ALBUM REVIEW #7

She’s back! When we heard about Georgia’s plans to release a new EP (following Melt and her successful wanderings with SWEAT) under the now-renowned name ggpeach, we jumped on the occasion. We were right to do so. As always, don’t you know?

So, where did we lose sight of ggpeach last time? It was just an au revoir anyway. Good memories are back since she left us in good company with her track Lacy:

What about now? Now is the time for Good Comes in Threes, and it’s as gorgeous as we expected.

At first a bit surprised by the fact that only three tracks would be released (the project was untitled when delivered to us), but we then remembered without difficulty that ggpeach is a straightforward talent.

If we can tell that her productions are rightfully deprived of any padding, it’s because she puts her heart at work with the savoir-faire and the confidence of an electric craftswoman. Musically and lyrically, Georgia shaped her ambitions greatly. With marble.

Good Comes in Threes, our review :


I’m feeling at home now

In your eyes

I wanna be wherever you are

Without your presence I could never go far

Pick a tree. Play the song. Connect with everything. Done.

Alison is a beautiful opening, lyrically sophisticated, slow but never boring. It’s enchanting. A tornado of feelings, a river of expression. Alison fits well the universe of ggpeach: a pinch of white magic and innocence, with the refusal of any sign of lumbering. Life’s easy. Why make it complicated?



Sometimes wrong is right

At least you put up a good fight

Time to chase the dream

You didn’t hear it from me

Deflecting will make you dance and daydream, even both, anytime, anyplace. The song is one of the great ones, the ones able to shift your mood immediately. A timeless Weezer vibe combined with a Pixies pleasurable tranquility equals a proven delight.


Mailbox (available here via Bandcamp)

ggpeach good things come in threes cover

Without a shred of monogamy

At least we’re free

As I try to catch your eye

I slowly realize

You’re nothing to write home about

Mailbox is the richest song on the EP, without a doubt. Starting like a sunrise on a soft holiday at home, the song quickly gives room to Georgia’s quasi-falsetto voice, smoothly wrapped in melodic rhythms reminding the strength of Jeff Buckley and the free spirit of the Happy Mondays. The solo is a soulful explosion that John Mayer wouldn’t deny. Perfect.

Loose and colorful!


ggpeach, Good Comes in Threes, out 21st Steptember 2018.


ggpeach tour dates:

September 26th at the Baby G with Locate S,1 in Toronto, ON
Facebook event:

September 28th at L’Escogriffe with Nap Eyes in Montreal, QC
Facebook event:


Reviewed by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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