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WHY I WRITE VOL.9 – Caroline Zakka

Caroline Zakka has an uplifting love for words, in tune with her life. Copywriter for the advertising agency Kayak Communication, her bold spirit enables her to see beyond what life can give. Between nostalgia and sweet legacies, writing has many purposes for her. We can’t wait to share them with you.


Why I Write, by Caroline Zakka.


To express the unspeakable

The more the feelings are real, the more the relationships are intense, the less it’s easy for me to show gratitude. Writing helps me to fight this oral modesty. This pride hiding my emotions. Far from being camouflage clothes, words are my allies when it comes to reflect and think about my true self. Writing is a powerful act, but spontaneity is a must.

To bring life back to events

When it comes to the transcription of events I lived and attended, I love doing it and I love putting on my imaginary journalist dress. It could be a party, and exhibition, everything. It’s all about bringing them back to life, to give envy and to highlight my nostalgia. I’m truly dedicated to the beauty and atmospheres that were there. It’s a testimony, a proof of life.

Freedom through dreams and creativity

Usually, I’m the down to earth, organized, secure kind. I’d rather have realistic goals than aiming to the unreachable. However, writing is a tool providing me the bits of madness I need, this sparkling freedom allowing me to escape in the wildest dreams.


Written by Caroline Zakka for Slow Culture. Find her on LinkedIn!

Edited by Marc Louis-Boyard.


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