live report albm review chastity belt seattle i used to spend so much time alone


Chastity Belt celebrated the launch of their new album “I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone” at The Crocodile in Seattle and we couldn’t resist to talk about the album and to show you material of this experience. Here is our (Jessica and Marc) collaborative review. Find Chastity Belt on Facebook, Bandcamp, and they might play near you in the future so check out their tour dates!

Chastity Belt – I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone

live report album review chastity belt seattle i used to spend so much time alone

Different Now

Jessica [TOP 3]: This has got to be my favorite song from the album, if not ever. It’s relatable for any stage of life. It comforts you, and helps you realize that you don’t have to be perfect. Everyone needs to hear this every once and a while.

Marc: This soft opening reminds me of how Real Estate blew me away a few years ago. The vocals have a cool and surprising “Nothing Compares to You” vibe.


Caught in a Lie

J [TOP 3]: If I were still in high school, I would be trimming the chorus to 15 seconds to use as my ringtone, pressing the volume all day so that I could keep listening to it over and over again. I feel Julia’s honesty down to my core as she sings the words. Job well done.

M: The intro takes you on a ride immediately, and then does the whole song. As proof, I’m still up there.


The Time of Now

J: The beginnings of this song had me getting into a shit kicking mood, but then I lost interest.

M: The first notes took me on a ride again. However this time the effect declined quite quickly.



J: Gretchen Grimm (drummer) is fantastic when she is in her element — which is when she’s drumming. I get wanting to change things up and experiment a little, but this was a failed science project.

M: The song is not remarkable, but the voice has the merit of telling you “hey, get up, you could do this”. Thank you Chastity Belt for this flanger effect, if it could flow on my bathtub until my bathroom floods I’d be happy.



J: This makes me imagine Chastity Belt in their Whitman College days. Imperfections that just work for them.

M [TOP 3]: Everything is perfect here. I love how the drums are spontaneous. I feel ike I’m playing wth my high school friends during an intimate and emotionally charged rehearsal. In Utero enough. Genuine perfection.


It’s Obvious

J: The first few seconds of the intro remind me of Mumm-ra’s “She’s Got You High”, but quickly move into a different direction. The slower tempo makes you stop, listen, and think.

M: Slow songs are not songs that seems to fit Chastity Belt the most, but the bridge is not to be missed. Moreover, this bridge reminds me of the bittersweet emotions Elliott Smith made me feel so many times.


What The Fuck

J: I’d expect to hear this song on an episode of Dawson’s Creek. I’ve never seen Dawson’s Creek, but it fits the Capeside, 90’s vibe. It’s not a bad song, but more something I’d listen to just for background music.

M: The soundtrack of a breakup. Sadness, despair, hidden hope. A light touch of drama, just what’s needed. With What The Fuck, Chastity Belt could have won a free pass to the ending credits of Girls. By the way, that was a compliment.


Something Else

J: This song helps me become inspired. When I am looking to have a productive and inspiring day, I make my bed, clean my room, grab my paints, and now adding to the list – play Something Else.

M [TOP 3]: Long nights. Repetitive feelings. Exhaustion mixed with energy. Something Else sounds like this alternative mindset we all love and hate (too often).


Used to Spend

J [TOP 3]: I find myself singing along to this song, and humming it for hours later after listening to it only a few times. The recently released music video of this song is the perfect visualization of lazy Summer days and spending time with friends. Let’s grab our lawn chairs and lemonade.

M [TOP 3]: The deep frequencies of the song will explore new parts of your heart. If you don’t feel this, please contact the nearest ER immediately. Used to spend has such a beautiful Soundgarden feel.



J: Girl angst with a need for resolve. 5am finishes the album with an open end, leaving me wanting more. I’m standing here screaming “encore!” Luckily, on Spotify you can listen to 3 more bonus tracks.

M: 5am could have been the 4th of my top 3. So many fields and eras are being explored there. Maybe too many? Still, if the song is a cliffhanger to the next album, it’s extremely well done.



Thumbs up, Chastity Belt.


live report album review chastity belt seattle i used to spend so much time alone


Written and shot by Jessica Vannette for Slow Culture.

Written, edited and compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard.

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