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Marion Chloé – WHY I WRITE VOL.8

Marion or Chloé, whichever name you want to call her, is a 25 years old French brand content consultant.

In love with words, both spoken and written, she spends a lot of time over-analyzing them. She hates small talk and would rather not debate about feminism before midday – she likes to take her time to wake up. She loves watching series and reading dystopian novels, preferably with a cat and preferably in her bed. She dislikes speaking about herself at the 3rd person but does so, occasionally.

Freelancer, all-time traveler and independence lover, she stands against default choices of any kind.

“Why I Write”, by Marion Chloé.

Because I fuck

I fuck and I fuck up. In both cases, I write about it. Laying the words on paper allows me to take a physical distance from the situation, from my thoughts. Writing calms me down. I can distinguish thoughts and identify patterns from the raw feelings that were once only on my mind. I learn about myself every time I write. I find what happens when I let words flow both beautiful and scary.

Because I hide

There is me, there are the words, then there is you. I don’t know who you are; we’ll likely never meet. I can’t conceive the space and time lying between you and me. It makes it easier to disclose myself. When I write, I can only be authentic. I don’t mind anymore about taking a controversial stand, about saying too much, about telling my truth. Words shield me – especially English ones.

Because the only thing I like more than to have control is to let it go.

When I write, I write. I very cautiously pick each and every word I write. I change them over and over, refine my sentences to make sure they truly express what I want them to mean. Then, once I’m done writing, I disengage. I’m giving my control away so the words become yours. Once I’m done writing, my words become your responsibility.

It’s too late to take them back anyway.

Compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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