ggpeach melt ep georgia peach

ALBUM REVIEW #2 – ggpeach, Melt EP

Georgia Peach aka ggpeach is one of the many surprises Montreal brought us these last months (remember, when we interviewed SWEAT?). While reading this review, listen to the album on Bandcamp after having liked ggpeach on Facebook. Visit her website, too, and attend her forthcoming gigs.

ggpeach melt ep georgia peach


Mind Control

This EP starts in the greatest post-dubstep manner. A comparison with James Blake would be too easy, but let’s do it anyway. Close your eyes, and you’re now the character of a swedish short movie, walking on a road just before the ending credits. The chorus sounds exactly like falling in love. It’s paradise at 320kbps. We promise.


A happy Jeff Buckley would have written this. You’re facing the ocean. The singer is by your side on the beach and the whole song is uplifting. Can you feel the bass hugging you and taking you to wonderland? We did. Serious The Man Who Sold The World influences there, can you find where?

We All Have Needs

The sweet guitar tone is back. Thank god, no uncontrolled reverb overdose here (and we’re glad to announce that there’s none on the whole EP). Do you love Led Zeppelin? Oh yes you do. We do. Well, here comes the bass. John Paul Jones, live at Royal Albert Hall 1970 style. Just you wait until the drums start to rock you slowly but surely during the chorus. The ending is a romantic fall into the clearest waters. Who wouldn’t swim miles and miles back and forth for this song? Not us, not you.

Far as I Go

The swimming sessions is still on. Beach Boys style, Smiley Smile. You wish the swimming season were forever.


Congratulations, you made it, and your life is now a bit better.


ggpeach melt ep georgia peach


Reviewed by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.


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