Juliette Mellard – WHY I WRITE VOL.4

Juliette is a refreshing mind in the French skies. Based in central Paris, she graduated in modern literature and is now writing for a living. Sounds nice? Wait for what’s coming now.

“Why I Write”, by Juliette Mellard.



The origins of language and of the act of writing are what fascinate me. It can sound so naive, because it looks so simple nowadays, but here is the magnificent part: with letters forming words forming sentences, you create magic. Writing is a strength, a means of exchange.


Writing as a need of the instant

More than a hobby or a passion, writing is a need having therapeutic properties. Whenever I feel that I contain too many ideas and emotions, I need to transfer these feelings on paper to start developing them. Whenever I manage to put words on situations or affects, I zoom on their components, little by little, until I can share them.


Writing between beauty and freedom

The cold act of writing is nothing more than a succession of choices at the service of sharing and aesthetics. That is surmesure tailoring, every word makes sense, every word has a weight, a sound, that is how I can travel dimensions. That freedom is what I love the most!


Compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.


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