Carol Persego – WHY I WRITE VOL.3

Politics, literature, movies, nothing seems to escape her eye and constructive criticism. Born in Sao Paulo and living in Lisbon, Carol Persego is a literary talent in the making.

“Why I Write” by Caroline Persego.

I write so I can pour

Everything that is inside and that makes me what I am, is free; I can write whatever I want, sign just some name, and I’ll have cried all my thoughts to the world and will still have kept everything to myself.

I write so I can make sense of the world

I look around, watch the people, I’m such a creep sometimes doing that, but I believe I really can see through, shape their personalities in my mind, and all of sudden there’s a story and there’s a special person, anyone is someone, just ‘cause you have the power to make them that.

I write so I can feel heard

Even when people don’t read you, putting yourself into a piece of paper makes you feel that whatever is going on inside is not only yours anymore.

Compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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