WHY I WRITE VOL.1 – Richard Brammer

Did you ever wonder what are the motives behind the people painting worlds with words? Writer, Chief Editor and Wizard of modern literature at Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Richard Brammer opens our Owerllian series called “Why I Write”, based on the essay of the same name.

“Why I Write”, by Richard Brammer.



Because unless you’re embarking on the spidery fucking experimental thing that I’m writing at the moment which is all layout and genius, then writing is very portable. You don’t have to buy any oil paint. If you don’t write everything onto your phone into Simplenote then I don’t trust you anyway.

Some reason

Because it’s meaningless. It’s not a religious charity or cult where everyone needs to be pious and to stand around celebrating ‘profound genius’. It’s accessible for everyone so go be a writer if you feel like it. Here’s a word, here’s another word, now go make a sentence. Also, people do read your stuff sometimes, people sometimes do care, just not many. If six people read it then six people read it and you’ve got yourself a lucrative career. Also, if six people read it then it’s six less people to just be poking each other on Facebook all day.

No reason

I don’t know. It’s probably all a bad idea.


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Compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.


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