Five minutes with GYMSHORTS

GYMSHORTS seemed quite excited to tell us about their colorful world. They didn’t disappoint.



GYMSHORTS (Providence, RI) “This four-piece punk dynamo from Rhode Island, is everything you want in a punk band: brutal, unrefined, and absolutely thrashing. With songs like, “Daylight Savings,” on which the band asserts, “I wish every day was daylight savings/an extra hour of sunlight/ an extra hour to get high,” they are exactly how you’d expect them to be offstage; upbeat, hilarious, New England punks who’d like nothing more than to goof off and make music with their friends. However that impression partially collapses when they mount the stage, strap into their instruments, and reveal their sludge-coated surf riffs and drums that sound both wildly anarchic and assertively tight.” – Nick Mayor (Bric-A-Brac Records)


Philosophy: liquor and poptarts

COPYCAT – this song goes out to all the kids in grade school whose friends dont have a damn mind of their own so they copy what you draw and steal your steeeeezzz!!


BROWNED OUT – when ya wake up with a pop tart in your pocket but you’re still too drunk to remember how it got there!!!


What inspires GYMSHORTS?



Compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.

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