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bleach day – in limbo

Album ‘as if always’ out now (Birdwatcher Records). 

‘in limbo’ was until today one of our favorites from Radiohead, but tables have turned.  

Vinny Marksohn and Louie Kiley produced songs navigating between obvious (but pleasurable) references and original, mastered directions. The whole album is a must hear. 

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Stuck - Change is Bad - Album review by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture

ALBUM REVIEW #20 – Stuck, Change Is Bad (out April 3, 2020)

Excellent news from Born Yesterday Records: Chicago-based post-punk band Stuck releases their first LP Change Is Bad on April 3rd. Our readers know that hate marketing is neither our forte, nor our ambition. We’re here to write about moving art. There’s one problem, though. We don’t know the first thing about post-punk....

Interview of Billow by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture

ITW #14 – Billow (new single “Girls”, out now)

Billow is a four-piece dream pop band from Veselí nad Moravou, Czech Republic. Veselí is a small town in South Moravia – not far from the White Carpathians mountains where Billow write and record their songs. Billow’s debut album, Maps, was released in 2017 on a Slovakian cassette label Z...

Trivial Shields - Levity EP - Album review by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture - Picture by Michael Buishas

ALBUM REVIEW #19 – Trivial Shields, Levity EP (out April 10, 2020)

With Levity EP, multi-instrumentalist Christian Carpenter aka Trivial Shields invites you to a world full of energy, contemplation, and fun. All this in three tracks only. Christian Carpenter’s CV? Judge by yourself: among other experiences, his previous band, My Dear Disco (with Theo Katzmann and Joey Dosik) preceded the creation of Vulfpeck. It’s no...

Horse Lords - The Common Task - Album Review by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture - Picture by Audrey Gatewood

ALBUM REVIEW #18 – Horse Lords, The Common Task (Northern Spy Records)

When we first heard about Horse Lords and their forthcoming album The Common Task, we read the following lines : Horse Lords make music for the liberation of mind and body. Five listenings later (and counting), we are really happy to confirm that these words weren’t a form of overstatement. Let us...

Janaki's Palace - Everything is Temporary interview Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture

ITW #13 – Janaki’s Palace (Everything is Temporary, out now)

Chiara, Lorenzo, Carlo, Matteo and Lorenzo form Janaki’s Palace. They released their stellar EP “Everything is Temporary” last January, and you should absolutely listen to it. Remember the excitement we felt for Lunar Vacation? This very same excitement is back with Janaki’s Palace. Lorenzo Lena (drums) gave us some of...



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Yayoï Kusama Polka Dots Slow Culture EU Darby Mae


“The Priestess of Polka Dots”, a.k.a. Yayoï Kusama, is an avant-garde artist and writer of Japanese descent. After moving to New York in 1957, (with an extra push from Georgia O’Keefe), her artwork went from 2D to… infinity. While painting still remains one of Kusama’s daily artistic mediums, her forte...

ALBUM REVIEW #7 – ggpeach, Good Comes in Threes

She’s back! When we heard about Georgia’s plans to release a new EP (following Melt and her successful wanderings with SWEAT) under the now-renowned name ggpeach, we jumped on the occasion. We were right to do so. As always, don’t you know?

WHY I WRITE VOL.3 – Carol Persego

Politics, literature, movies, nothing seems to escape her eye and constructive criticism. Born in Sao Paulo and living in Lisbon, Carol Persego is a literary talent in the making.

Cat Casual Matthew Roos Slow Culture Main

ALBUM REVIEW #10 – Cat Casual & The Final Word, The Secret Self

BIO: An Okie by birth, William Benton (aka Cat Casual) spent many years making music in Louisville, Kentucky writing and performing with bands such as Bodyhammer, Tyrone, Lucky Pineapple, and The Phantom Family Halo. Also, on his Facebook page, Benton claims to have attracted the favors of Tony Clifton as...