The Technicolor Vault of Cristóbal Rey

We promised you some technicolor treats and promises are things we like to keep.
This winter was hard. Things slowed down. Darby Mae went into hibernation mode and our skin (and spirits) went too many days without sunshine. Luckily, those days have faded into oblivion and Slow Culture is back with new rays in our eyes. Everyone meet Cristóbal Rey, a Chilean-born, Berlin-based world traveler, multi-instrumentalist, analog-obsessed photographer, and dear friend of Miss DM.

And if we made one promise, we’ll make another: the time you spend reading this will be so much more fun and inspiriting than the time you’ll spend scrolling through your morning news or lunch time newsfeed of other people’s [otherwise mundane] lives. Enjoy 🙂

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live report albm review chastity belt seattle i used to spend so much time alone


Chastity Belt celebrated the launch of their new album “I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone” at The Crocodile in Seattle and we couldn’t resist to talk about the album and to show you material of this experience. Here is our (Jessica and Marc) collaborative review. Find Chastity Belt on Facebook, Bandcamp, and they might play near you in the future so check out their tour dates!

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