We interviewed GYMSHORTS, and it confirmed what we thought: we should all eat avocados and stay cool.


GYMSHORTS (Providence, RI) “This four-piece punk dynamo from Rhode Island, is everything you want in a punk band: brutal, unrefined, and absolutely thrashing. With songs like, “Daylight Savings,” on which the band asserts, “I wish every day was daylight savings/an extra hour of sunlight/ an extra hour to get high,” they are exactly how you’d expect them to be offstage; upbeat, hilarious, New England punks who’d like nothing more than to goof off and make music with their friends. However that impression partially collapses when they mount the stage, strap into their instruments, and reveal their sludge-coated surf riffs and drums that sound both wildly anarchic and assertively tight.” – Nick Mayor (Bric-A-Brac Records)



DIY is a big part of GYMSHORT’s art. According to you, is DIY essential today? Why?

Personally I really like making some of our merch because i love having each one be unique and individual but also because i just enjoy the act of making them! I think DIY stuff is super cool and I love the idea of it. To us, I would definitely say it’s pretty essential, but I believe people can do things whatever way they want to!


You don’t seem to take yourself too seriously, but we could see you playing on great stages. Would a laidback attitude be the key of success?

We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously haha. I think we take the band pretty seriously if that makes sense! We just love playing and want to have fun but i would say we prioritize playing music and I think that’s what’s kept us touring and progressing as a band so far!


The music industry is often described as a wild world. With your experience, would you confirm this?



It has never been easier to gain visibility, but many young artists are still afraid to get out of their shells. What would you say to them?

COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!!! just kidding but umm yeah i think if they want to they should try to take advantage of any opportunity they can to play or promote whatever it is they’re doing!


According to you, is art the best way to convey ideas and ideals?

For me, it’s the best way that I myself can communicate that kind of stuff. Whether it’s writing or playing music or drawing I think art is definitely the most theraputic way for me to get all that sorta stuff out for sure.

Compiled by Marc Louis-Boyard for Slow Culture.


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